The “Wayfarer” style has become


The “Wayfarer” style has become

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Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed, it’s officially summer. The season for barbecues, swimming pools, vacations, beaches, and (hopefully) lots of sunshine, is upon us. Along with warmth and sun comes the need for a whole list of must-have summer items: Bug spray, sunscreen, swim trunks, flip flops, and perhaps most obviously, some shades. While we are all for picking up that $10 pair at your local Target when you’re in a rush and need some eye protection, if you
designer sunglasses have a collection ed-hardy sunglasses of cheap pairs and nothing else, it might be time for an upgrade. Spend a little more on some quality sunglasses and not only will they look cooler, but they will give you clearer vision and better protection from the sun. We’ve rounded porsche sunglasses up a few of our favorite versions of timeless styles that will make the sun easy on the eyes and make you that much trendier.

The “Wayfarer” style has become ray ban sunglasses a ubiquitous one in recent years, and for good reason. The classic black-framed shades, louis vuitton sunglasses made famous by Bob Dylan and other celebrities, have instant cool-factor appeal and look good on almost everybody. While there are countless imposters out there, Ray-Ban offers high-quality specs and has the square shape perfected. This style looks great with everything, from a suit and tie to shorts and a t-shirt. If the black frames are too boring for your taste, we suggest trying a tortoiseshell frame or one of the other colors available.


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